About Me

Welcome to my website my name is Christopher Dally I am a freelancer web developer and photographer. I have done a bit of freelance web development in the past and run in the region of 10-20 websites personally, showcasing my work. I didn’t start off in web development, but I have been keen to learn and expand my knowledge and get a qualification in this.

So, a bit about my background when I left school I started working for McDonald’s as every young person probably did during the summer holidays. In the September of that year, I went to college to study gardening but soon found out that isn’t what I wanted to do so left and went full-time at McDonald’s. I soon raised the ladder from the front line to the shift manager I later left to pursue some more experience in customer service and got a job doing some call Centre work.

I then went from there to work at the RSPB in a beautiful location in Newport Wetlands working in the café. After I left that work, I went to work back at McDonald’s working as a shift manager but left again after a few years to work in the care industry as a support worker it was a rewarding job.

I applied to work on the buses but not having my PCV license had to complete this first with Stagecoach. I also worked for a local bus company for about two years but then Covid happen which meant everything stopped when everything went into lockdown. This is when I need to provide for my family and so I applied to work for Iceland Foods as a Home Delivery Driver. I soon completed my level 3 in Retail Management apprenticeship with Iceland. So that’s all about any questions or comments please message me.